Curso: Writing and Publishing a Scientific Paper

Curso: Writing and Publishing a Scientific Paper

Coordenador: Adalberto R. Vieyra (UFRJ)

Professor: Denys Wheatley, International Federation for Cell Biology, UK.
Curso apresentado pelo Dr. Denys N. Wheatley, Presidente da “International Federation for Cell Biology (IFCB)”,  Editor Chefe da “Cell Biology International (CBI)” por 11 anos. 

O curso será dividido em 2 períodos das 8h30 às 12 horas nos dias 20 e 21 de maio,  e abordará os pontos listados abaixo que vão desde a preparação do rascunho inicial de um artigo científico até a publicação final em uma revista científica.

O curso será aberto a todos os congressistas (estudantes de pós-graduação e professores) mediante inscrição.

Part I: Drafting an article for publication
a.  Introducing your topic
b. Writing good English
c. Presenting your results
d. Discussing your findings 

Part II: Final preparation before submission
Revising and redrafting
The final stages before submission 

Part III: Getting Published
The choice of journal; online, open Access, conventional
Costs and waiversInstructions to Authors and Compliance (e.g. Reference system)
Uploading (electronic submission systems) and letter of submission
Checks for duplication, plagiarism, etc.TriageReview (peer)
Dialogue with editors and publishersAcceptanceConflicts of interest
Publication management





a) Período: 20 e 21 de maio de 2010 das 8h30 às 12 horas - Sala Iguaçu I

b) idioma: Inglês
c) Inscrições na área restrita membro e não membro

Professor Denys Wheatley was elected President of the IFCB in October 2008 at its General Assembly in Seoul, after serving over 7 years as the Secretary General. Denys has been Editor-in-Chief of CBI for 11 years.  In 1998, the journal was languishing as the official publication of the International Federation of Cell Biology (IFCB), but in the last decade, submissions have risen 6-fold. Denys has since spent his time providing a successful BioMedical Editing Service (BioMedES Ltd; www.biomedes.co.uk) which emerged from the  manuscript presentation service offered first as a new concept to authors of papers sent to Cell Biology International.

Denys took his first degree in 1961 at King's College University of  London in Cell Physiology and completed his PhD in two years later at the Chester Beatty Research Institute, Institute of Cancer Research in London before leaving to take up a research Fellowship with Alistair Currie (later of apoptosis fame) at Aberdeen  University in 1964, which has been his base ever since, although he has spent much time abroad.  Well known for his research on the cell cycle in relation to cancer, amino acid metabolism and protein degradation, primary cilia and centrioles, as well as diffusion  theory in biology, he retired from his University post in 2005. He continues to work on cancer research as Chief Scientific Officer of BioCancer Treatment International, based in Hong Kong. He is an  adjunct professor at the Wayne State Medical School in Detroit MI,  USA. Denys has written many books and published nearly 300 papers. 

In addition to CBI, three other journals are under his editorship (Can cer Cell International; Theoretical Biology and Medical Modelling; Oncology News. He is on the board of a number of other journals. In recent years he has been awarded several International prizes, three  honorary degrees, and is Full Foreign Member of the Ukrainian Academy of Medical Sciences.

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