Jovem Talento 2010
Resultado Final

14th Prize for Young Scientists in Life Sciences

Therapeutic targeting of nucleic acid sensing Toll-like receptors prevents cerebral malaria
Bernardo S. Franklin, Fiocruz CNPqRR, MG

Hyperhomocysteinemia Impairs Memory, Induces Oxidative Stress and Reduces Glutamate Uptake in Parietal Cortex of Rats: Neuroprotective Role of Folic Acid.
Cristiane Matté, ICB, UFRGS

IL-6 Anti-inflammatory Activity Links Exercise to Hypothalamic Insulin and Leptin Sensitivity through IKKbeta and ER Stress Inhibition.
Eduardo R. Ropelle, FCM-Unicamp

Calorie Restriction, Energy Metabolism and Redox State in Aging Yeast
Erich B. Tahara, IQ-USP

Insights on PrP Interaction with RNA Molecules
Mariana Gomes, UFRJ-IBqM
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