South American Research and Travel (SART) Fellowships will provide research training opportunities for young investigators in South America working in the areas of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.

South American Research and Travel (SART) Fellowships  will provide research training opportunities for young investigators in South America working in the areas of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. The aim of this program is to contribute toward the development of collaborations, training in novel methodologies and career opportunities in South America by providing travel assistance for young researchers to pursue short-term (1-3 months) training at sites distinct from their primary institutions. Applications will be received twice a year, until June 30th and November 30th. A minimum of 3 people will be necessary for the analysis of the subscribers.


  1. Applicants must be under 35 years of age. Students, post-docs, research associates and young investigators within 5 years of obtaining their PhD are welcome to apply.

  2. The applicant or his/her mentor must be from a country associated with the IUBMB as Adhering or Associate Adhering Body (see a list of qualified societies).

  3. Both the primary institution of the applicant and the guest laboratory must be located in South America. For applications involving groups outside this geographical area, we suggest the IUBMB Wood-Whelan Research Fellowships.

Documents required

  1. A short research proposal (2-3 pages) indicating the nature of the project and the type of experiments to be carried out and why it is necessary to travel to a particular laboratory to conduct the experiments rather than to perform them in the applicant’s own laboratory or simply to ship the materials.

  2. A budget indicating all other sources of support, whether awarded or applied for and requested funding from this fellowship program.

  3. A short curriculum vitae of the applicant with a list of publications.

  4. A letter of acceptance from the receiving institute signed by the leader of the group in which the applicant will work. This letter should indicate what the receiving institute’s contribution will be towards costs.

  5. A short curriculum vitae of the receiving principal investigator with a list of publications.

  6. A letter of recommendation from the applicant’s current supervisor, advisor or institutional head.

All documents should be in English and sent as pdf e-mail attachments to

Proposal review

The proposals will be evaluated by a panel of experts from the SBBq. The most successful applications should be forwarded by the SBBq to the Wood-Whelan Fellowship Committee for the final selection on behalf of the IUBMB. Results will be announced by e-mail within 6 weeks of the proposal deadlines.


The maximum individual grant amount awarded will be US$ 1500. Awards can be used to cover travel expenses, accommodations and supplies. SBBq and IUBMB have each pledged to provide funding up to 4 travel fellowships per year.

Evaluation report

After the return of the award recipient, a brief report (up to five pages) with the main findings should be submitted to The fellowship should be acknowledged in publications and presentations related to the studies conducted.

Further inquiries

Please send any further inquiries to