Prêmio SBBq 2013

Mitochondrial Function and Bioenergetics During Malignant Transformation and Metastasis
Amoêdo, N.D. (UFRJ-IBqM), Figueiredo, M.R. (UFRJ), Pereira, S.A.S. (UFRJ), Melo, F.H.M. (UNIFESP), Jasiulionis, M.G. (UNIFESP), Galina, A. (UFRJ-IBqM), Rumjanek, F.D. (UFRJ-IBqM) (A-11 )

C-Phycocyanin: a New Promising Therapeutic Candidate Against Ischemic Stroke
Marín-Prida, J. (Universidad Habana), Pavón-Fuentes, N. (International Centre for Neurological Restoration), Rodrigues, F.P. (USP-FCF), Alberici, L.C. (USP-FCFRP), Stringhetta, K. (USP-FCFRP), Leopoldino, A.M. (USP-FCFRP), Llópiz-Arzuaga, A. (CIGB, Cuba), Liberato, J.L. (USP), Santos, W.F. (USP-FFCLRP), Uyemura, S.A. (USP-FCFRP), Pentón-Arias, E. (CIGB, Cuba), Curti, C. (USP-FCFRP), Pardo-Andreu, G.L. (UHabana), Pentón-Rol, G. (CIGB, Cuba) (B-55)
The Role of Protein Flexibility in the Binding of Small Molecules
Nunes-Alves, A.F. (USP-IQ), Arantes, G.M. (USP-IQ)(C-29)

Study about protective efficacy of the inhibitor rBmTI-A in a pulmonary emphysema model
Duran, A.F.A. (UFABC), Neves, L.P (UFABC), Duques, D.S. (UFABC), Lopes, F.D.T.Q.S. (USP-FM), Olivo, C.R. (USP-FM), Tanaka, A.S. (UNIFESP), Sasaki, S.D. (UFABC)(D-13)

Searching for the Peroxinectin Responsible for Prostaglandin Biosynthesis in the Mosquito Aedes aegypti
Garbocci, V.C. (UFRJ), Barletta, A.B.F. (UFRJ-IBqM), Sorgine, M.H.F. (UFRJ-IBqM)(E-7 )

Superoxide involvement on blood digestion in Rhodnius prolixus
Gandara, A.C.P. (UFRJ-IBqM), Lemos, P.C. (UFRJ-IBqM), Dias, F.A. (UFRJ), Stiebler, R. (UFRJ-IBqM), Menna-Barreto, R.S. (FIOCRUZ), Sorgine, M.H.F. (UFRJ-IBqM), Oliveira, P.L. (UFRJ-ICB)(E-38 )

Phytoremediation of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon-contaminated soil by Medicago sativa L.
Alves, W.S. (UFRJ), Manoel, E.A. (UFRJ), Santos, N.S. (UFRJ), Domiciano, G.C. (UFRJ), Melo, A.C.A. (UFRJ-IQ), Soares, M.R. (UFRJ)(F-42 )

Bacterial and Archaeal Diversity in Freshwater Habitats in the Amazon River
Toyama, D. (UFSCAR), Kishi, L., De Oliveira, T.C.S., de Miranda, F.P.; Henrique-Silva, F. (UFSCAR)(G-16 )

Water-soluble chitosan from shrimp processing waste with anticoagulant activity and low toxicity obtained by sulfation and carboxymethylation
Cahú, T.B. (UFPE-CBB), Silva, R.P.F. (UFPE), Meneghetti, M.C.Z. (UNIFESP/EPM, Infar), Santos, I.A.N. (UNIFESP), Accardo, C.M. (UNIFESP), Costa, R.M.P.B. (UFPE-CBB), Nader, H.B. (UNIFESP), Bezerra, R.S. (UFPE-CBB) (J-11)

Suitability of Macrolampis Firefly Luciferase for light off Toxicity and Intracellular pH Biosensors
Gabriel, G.V.M. (UFSCAR), Viviani, V. (UFSCAR)(J-70 )

Heparin modulates the endopeptidase activity of Leishmania mexicana cysteine protease rcpb2.8
Júdice, W.A.S. (UMC), Manfredi, M.A. (UMC), Souza, G.P. (UMC), Sansevero, T.M. (UMC), Ferreira, T.G. (UNIFESP), Juliano, L. (UNIFESP), Coombs, G. (University of Strathclyde), Almeida, P.C. (UMC), Tersariol, I.L.S. (UMC) (L-31)
Structural and Functional Analysis of the Hepatitis C Virus Core Protein
Braga, V.L.A. (UFRJ), Albernaz, F.P. (UFRJ-IBqM), Pinto, T.R. (UFRJ), Mendes-Silva, A. (UFRJ), Carvalho, C.A.M. (UFRJ-IBqM), Bianconi, M.L. (UFRJ-IBqM), Rangel, L.P. (UFRJ-IBqM), Peabody, D.S. (UNMexico), Silva, J.L. (UFRJ-IBqM), Gomes, A.M.O. (UFRJ-IBqM), Souza, T.L.F. (UFRJ-FF), Oliveira, A.C. (UFRJ-IBqM)(M-19 )

Heterologous Expression Studies of a Hypothetical Human Protein in Saccharomyces cerevisiae Reveal a Potential Metazoan Disaggregase
Mokry, D.Z. (UNICAMP-IQ), Bertacchi, J.F. (UNICAMP), Ramos, C.H.I. (UNICAMP-IQ)(M-51 )

Computational identification and evolutionary relationships of the microRNA gene cluster miR-71/2 in Protostomes
Gomes, M. de S. (UFU), Donoghue, M.T.A. (National University of Ireland Galway), Muniyappa, M.K. (National University of Ireland Galway), Pereira, R.V. (UFOP-ICEB), Guerra-Sá, R. (UFOP-ICEB), Spillane, C. (National University of Ireland Galway)(N-16 )

Heparanase modulates mammary branching morphogenesis by regulating MMP-14 level
Gomes, A.M. (UFRJ-IBqM), Bhat, R. (LBL-USA), Correia, A.L. (LBL-USA), Pavão, M.S.G. (UFRJ-HUCFF), Bissell, M.J. (LBL-USA)(O-31 )

Effects of the flavonoid apigenin, extracted from croton betulaster mull, on viability, differentiation and regulation of inflammatory proteins expression in murine glioma cells
Coelho, P.L.C. (UFBA), Oliveira, M.N. (UFBA), Pitanga, B.P.S. (UFBA-ICS), Santos, C. (UFBA-FQ), Braga-de-Souza, S. (UFBA-ICS), de Faria, G.P. (UFBA), Costa, M.F.D. (UFBA-ICS), Costa, S.L. (UFBA-ICS)(Q-30 )

Peroxidase Activity Induced by Cardiolipin Hydroperoxides in Cytochrome c-Cardiolipin Complex
Cunha, D. (USP-IQ), Mattos, T.C.G. (UnB-ICB), Miyamoto, S. (USP-IQ)(T-15 )

Interaction of the Polybia-MP1 with phospholipid membrane: interfacial action and domains formation
Alvares, D.S. (UNESP), Ruggiero Neto, J. (UNESP-IBILCE)(R-11 )


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