Prêmio SBBq 2011

A Transcriptome survey of Trichoderma harzianum IOC-3844, Under Induced Conditions for the Production of Celullases and Hemicellulases (J-127).
Malagó-Jr., W., Toyama, D., Henrique-Silva, F. (UFSCAR)

Activity of Bovine Lactoferrin against Arboviruses (G-26).
Carvalho, C.A.M. (UFRJ-IbqM), Ferreira, M.V.M. (UFRJ), Mendes, Y.S. (UFRJ-IbqM), Alves, N.S. (UFRJ-IbqM), Schwarcz, W.D. (Fiocruz-Biomanguinhos), Gonçalves, R.B. (UNIRIO), Gomes, A.M.O. (UFRJ-IbqM), Oliveira, A.C. (UFRJ-IbqM)

Alternative Pathways for Glutathione Reduction and Deglutathionylation in Platyhelminth Parasites (L-45).
Bonilla, M. (UDELAR-FQ), Denicola Cresi, A. (UDELARFCIEN), Marino, S.M. (BIDMC, Harvard Medical School), Gladyshev, V. (UNE), Salinas, G. (UDELAR-FQ)

Beneficial Effect of Lovastatin during Experimental Cerebral Malaria (D 07).
Reis, P.A. (Fiocruz-IOC), Estato, V. (Fiocruz), Tibiriça, E.V. (Fiocruz), Bozza, P.T. (Fiocruz-IOC), Oliveira, M.F. (UFRJ-IbqM), Bozza, F.A. (UFRJ-HUCFF), Castro Faria Neto, H.C.C. (Fiocruz-IOC)

BioProtect Microcapsules and their Therapeutical Potential for Type 1 Diabetes mellitus (J-02).
Campanha-Rodrigues, A.L., Grazioli, G., Oliveira, T.C., Campos, A.C.V., Mares-Guia, T.R., Sogayar, M.C. (USP-IQ)

Biological Effects of Lactam Bridge i-(i+4) Insertion in the Angiotensin II Molecule (R-18).
Torres, M.D.T. (UFABC), Capurro, M.L. (USP-ICB II), Miranda, A. (UNIFESP), Silva, A.F. (UFABC), Oliveira, V.X.Jr. (UFABC)

Characterization of an Uncoupling Protein in Goldfish White Skeletal Muscle (A-43).
Sousa, R.S., De Vitto, H., 22a22edo, N.D., da Silva, W.S. (UFRJ-IbqM)

Cloning, Expression, and Kinetics Parameters of Heparinase I (L-93).
Córdula, C.R. (UNIFESP/EPM, Infar), Shinjo, S.K. (UNIFESP), Kobayashi, E.Y. (UNIFESP), Dietrich, C.P. (UNIFESP), Nader, H.B. (UNIFESP), Tersariol, I.L.S. (UMC)

Conserved Threonines Residues within the a-Loop of the Receptor NIK Differentially Regulate the Kinase Function Required for Antiviral Signaling (F-27).
Almeida, F.C.S., Santos, A.A., Lopes, K.V., Fontes, E.P.B., Fietto, L.G. (UFV-BIOAGRO)

Crystal Structure of Importin- from Mus musculus and FEN1 NLS Peptide (M-10).
Barros, A.C. (UNESP-IB, Botucatu), Takeda, A.A.S. (UNESP-IB, Botucatu), Kobe, B. (the University of Queensland), Fontes, M.R.M. (UNESP-IB, Botucatu)

Erythrocyte Lipoperoxidation in Mice Infected with Trypanosoma evansi and Supplemented with Omega-3 Fatty Acids (T-28).
Miletti, L.C. (UFSC), Anschau, V. (UDESC), Iagher, F. (UFPR-SCB)

Fucan- Induced CHO Cell Death Mechanism Is Regulated by Erk Pathway (O-20).
Nobre, L.T.D.B. (UFRN), Vidal, A.A.J. (UFRN), Lima, J.A. (UFRN), Peredes-Gamero, E.J. (UNIFESP), Nader, H.B. (UNIFESP), Rocha, H.A.O (UFRN)

Glucuronoxylomannan, the Main Virulence Factor of Cryptococcus neoformans, Down-Regulates the Enzyme 6-Phosphofructo-1-Kinase of Macrophages (H-46).
Grechi, J. (UFRJ), Marinho-Carvalho, M.M. (UFRJ-FF), Zancan, P. (UFRJ-FF), Cinelli, L.P. (UFRJ-IbqM), Gomes, A.M.O. (UFRJ-IbqM), Rodrigues, M.L. (UFRJ-IMPPG), Nimrichter, L. (UFRJ-IMPPG), Sola-Penna, M. (UFRJ-FF)

Heparanase and Glycosaminoglycans Profile in Different Breast Cancer Cell Lines (O-38).
De Oliveira, L.Z., Nader, H.B., Pinhal, M.A.S. (UNIFESP)

Hexokinase and Phosphofructokinase as Possible Targets of Insulin-independent Cardioprotective Action of Metformin (P-12).
Ausina, P., da Silva, D., Alencar, E.M., Coelho, W.S., Zancan, P., Marinho-Carvalho, M.M., Sola-Penna, M. (UFRJ-FF)

How is the Folding Pathway of a “Cellular Folder”? The Case of the 70-kDa Heat Shock Inducible Protein (Hsp70) (M-99).
Silva, L.A.O. (UFRJ), Ramos, C.H.I. (UNICAMP-IQ), Foguel, D. (UFRJ-IbqM), Palhano, F.L. (UFRJ-IbqM)

Identification and Classification of Esterases in Aedes aegypti (N-05).
Miranda, J.P. (IFRJ), Souza, N.R. (IFRJ), Schama R. (Fiocruz), Valle, D. (Fiocruz-IOC), Mesquita, R.D. (IFRJ)

Impact Opposes GCN2 in Modulating Neurite Outgrowth (Q-13).
Roffe, M. (UNIFESP), Hajj, G.N.M. (ILUDWIG), Castilho, B.A. (UNIFESP)

Investigation of Yellow Fever Virus-Induced Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress (G-03).
Campos, S.P.C. (UFRJ-IbqM), Sanches, D. (UFRJ-IbqM), Rocha, C.M. (UFRJ), Gaspar, L.P. (Fiocruz-COC), Freire, M.S. (Fiocruz-Biomanguinhos), Chiarini, L.B. (UFRJ-IBCCF), Silva, J.L. (UFRJ-IbqM), Gomes, A.M.O. (UFRJIBqM), Oliveira, A.C. (UFRJ-IbqM)

Involvement of 9-O-Acetyl Gd3 Ganglioside in Mycobacterium leprae Infection of Schwann Cells (B-34).
Ribeiro-Resende, V.T. (UFRJ), Ribeiro-Guimarães, M.L. (Fiocruz), Lemes, R.M.R. (Fiocruz), Nascimento, I.C. (UFRJ), Alves, L. (Fiocruz-IOC), Mendez-Otero, R. (UFRJ), Pessolani, M.C.V. (Fiocruz-IOC), Alves-Lara, F. (Fiocruz-IOC)

Involvement of Protein Disulfide Isomerase (PDI) in Vascular Smooth Muscle Cell Migration: Possible Convergence with RhoGTPases (T-24).
Alves, L.P. (USP-FM-INCOR), Forti, F.L. (USP-IQ), Kovacic, H. (Université de 23a Mediterranée), Laurindo, F.R.M. (USP-FM-INCOR)

Lipid Bodies and Eicosanoids as Part of Aedes aegypti Immune Response (E-86).
Barletta, A.B.F. (UFRJ-IbqM), Nascimento-Silva, M.C.L. (UFRJ-IbqM), Alves, L.R. (UFRJ-IbqM), Oliveira, P.L. (UFRJ-ICB), Sorgine, M.H.F. (UFRJ-IbqM)

Looking for RpACBP-1 Roles in Rhodnius prolixus Physiology using RNA interference (E-57).
Majerowicz, D. (UFRJ), Hannibal-Bach, H.K. (SDU, Denmark), Hojrup, P. (SDU, Denmark), Færgeman, N.J. (SDU, Denmark), Knudsen, J. (SDU, Denmark), Gondim, K.C. (UFRJ-IbqM)

Molecular Characterization of Propolis Induced Cell Death in Saccharomyces cerevisiae (H-28).
Castro, P.A. (USP-FCFRP), Savoldi, M. (USP-FCFRP), Bonatto, D. (UCS), Barros, M.H. (USP-ICB II), Goldman, M.H.S. (USP-FFCLRP), Berretta, A.A. (Apis Flora Industrial e Comercial), Goldman, G.H. (USP-FCFRP)

Novel Phosphorylated Players in Osteoblastic Differentiation of Mesenchymal Stem Cells Revealed by Mass Spectrometry (S-29).
Halcsik, E., Forni, M.F., Jensen, O.N. (SDU, Denmark), Sogayar, M.C. (USP-IQ)

Phosphoproteome Reveals a Critical Role for Hedgehog Signaling in the Osteoblast to Osteocyte Transition (B-06).
Zambuzzi, W.F. (UNICAMP-IB), Ferreira, C.V. (UNICAMP-IB), Granjeiro, J.M. (INMETRO), Peppelenbosch, M.P. (University of Groningen)

Probing the Dissociation and Aggregation of the Engineered Dimers of Transthyretin (M-82).
Ferreira, P.S., Braga, C.A.C.A., Palmieri, L.C., Kelly, J. (TSRI), Foguel, D. (UFRJ-IbqM)

Quantitative Proteomics Analysis of Osteoblastic Differentiation of Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cells by iTRAQ Labeling Coupled With off-Line One-Dimensional LCMS/MS (S-56).
Barcelos, L.P., Oliveira, F.S., Laure, H.J., Rosa, A.L. (USP-FORP), Rosa, J.C. (USP-FMRP)

Quercetin Inhibits Glioma Cell Proliferation and Migration: Role of MMP2 and TIMP1 (I-01).
Campos, S.P.C. (UFRJ-IbqM), Sanches, D. (UFRJ-IbqM), Rocha, C.M. (UFRJ), Gaspar, L.P. (Fiocruz-COC), Freire, M.S. (Fiocruz-Biomanguinhos), Chiarini, L.B. (UFRJIBCCF), Silva, J.L. (UFRJ-IbqM), Gomes, A.M.O. (UFRJIBqM), Oliveira, A.C. (UFRJ-IbqM)

Simple Statistical Schemes for Prediction of Atomic Burials in Proteins (C-14).
Van der Linden, M.G., Ferreira, D.C., de Araujo, A.F.P. (UnB-ICB)

Structural and Phylogenetic Analysis of Spodoptera frugiperda Chymotrypsins Involved on Insect Chemical Protective Barrier against Plant Proteinase Inhibitors (Pis) (F-50).
Brandao, M.M. (USP-ESALQ), Arruda, L.H. (USP-ESALQ), Moura, D.S. (USP-ESALQ), Neshich, G. (EMBRAPA-Informática Agropecuária), Neshich, I.A.P. (EMBRAPA-Informática Agropecuária), Malagó-Jr., W. (UFSCAR), Silva-Filho, M.C. (USP-ESALQ)

Studies on Glycerolipid Biosynthesis Pathway in the Insect Rhodnius prolixus (E-04).
Alves, M. (UFRJ-IbqM), Maya-Monteiro, C.M. (Fiocruz-IOC), Gondim, K.C. (UFRJ-IbqM)

Unraveling the Molecular Basis of the Intriguing Structure-Function-Stability Relationships in Thermostable GH5 Cellulases (J-44).
Paiva, J.H. (LNLS-CNPEM), Santos, C.R. (LNBio-CNPEM), Sforça, M.L. (LNLS-CNPEM), Silva, J.C. (CNPEM), Akao, P.K. (LNLS-CNPEM), Squina, F.M. (CTBE-CNPEM), Ward, R.J. (USP-FFCLRP), Ruller, R. (USP-FMRP), Zeri, A.C.M. (LNLS-CNPEM), Murakami, M.T. (LNLS-CNPEM)


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