Welcome Letter


The Virtual 49a Annual Meeting of the Brazilian Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology - SBBq will be held ON LINE, from September to November, 2020.

Because of the Covid19 pandemic this year all of our activities will be done virtually.

The Virtual Congress aims to keep the SBBq community in touch and provide a broad view of research frontiers and recent developments in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and their applications. The always strong presence of national and international researchers offers to the participants a special opportunity to follow closely advances and challenges, in both methodologies and in applied topics.

The Annual Meeting of the Brazilian Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (SBBq) is currently one of the most traditional events in the Brazilian scientific community. For more than four decades, these meetings have served as the setting and forum for debates on the advancement of fundamental knowledge of biochemical phenomena and their integration with other segments of the biological, physico-chemical and health sciences, to the benefit of society.

In order not to interrupt in 2020 because of the pandemic impaired us to have the usual meeting we will keep the Biochemistry society in touch by virtual meetings. The meetings will be held on Thursday at 2 pm to 4 pm.

We hope you enjoy Virtual 49a. Annual Meeting of SBBq.

Leda Q. Vieira
President of SBBq

Juliana Fietto
Vice President of SBBq




Av. Prof. Lineu Prestes, 748
Bloco 3 superior, Sala 0367
05508-000 Butantã, São Paulo, SP

Telefone: (011) 3815-5798
e-mail: congress@sbbq.org.br