Special activities for elementary school children

Special activities for elementary school children

Scientific Activity: Our daily bread day: What makes the bread rise?
Coordinator: John T. Batista da Rocha (Federal University of Santa Maria, RS, Brazil)

The course will be offered to for 5th year students from the municipal public Olimpio Rafagnin School in Foz do Iguaçu – PR, August 25 to 27 2015, during the whole day

Over the course of three days, the children will make bread and at the same time observe and answer the question “What makes bread rise?”. Depending on the availability of a microscope, they will be able to see the yeast “grow” and the class will “kill the yeast”. Concepts worked with during this activity include Biology (cells) and Chemistry (chemical reactions of fermentative gas release).

The result of the course will be presented as a poster August 27th, at 16:00

August 27th, 14:30, Iguaçu Room V, 5th floor: The children will attend a lecture given by Prof. Dr. Moacir Wajner, Department of Biochemistry, Medical Genetics Service, Porto Alegre University Hospital, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil, entitled “Why We Are Different”.

Why are we different?
Living beings, animals and plants, are different. Individuals of the same specie also have differences and this is due mainly to genetic differences (DNA) with some influence from the environment. Our bodies are made up of cells that have at their core the chromosomes (DNA double helices) containing the genes, responsible for the characteristics of the species and differences between them. The evolution of species proposed by Charles Darwin occurred over millions of years with changes and adaptations of the genetic material (DNA) associated with environmental changes. Thus, Homo sapiens emerged, our species. Our anatomical, functional and even social characteristics depend on the interaction of our genetic material with the environment. So we should respect the characteristics of each person inherited from our parents and ancestors.