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Forte Sao Marcelo
Forte São Marcelo - Salvador, BA, Brazil
São Marcelo Fort – initially called Santa Maria del Popolo Fort, this military construction is also known as the Fort of the Sea. Its function was to stop the corsairs‘ attack to ships anchored in the port and the
approach of armadas with in shot reach to the limits of the city. Built on a sandbank, it was initiated in 1650 by engineer Felipe Guiton in a roun design, with a great central tower surrounded by long and narrow openings of smaller height (where the cannons were positioned). As the shots bounced off the tower, hittins gunners by the back, a higher external ring-like wall, with rooms inside was built in 1812. Standing out in the scenery of the Lower City for its location in the middle of the sea, and for the singularity in its shape, it was refferred to as “Bahia's Bellybutton” by writer Jorge Amado.
Photo: Cynthia Sayuri Bando
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